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Fri Aug 18th 2017
18+ Enter
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Energy is fluid, immersing all that is around us. We are unknowingly drenched by power that can open up endless possibilities for us and those around us. Psychedelic Sea is a metaphorical celebration of this energy, hosted in an environment that releases you from the mundane and puts you a one of a kind oceanic event.

Break out the swimwear or incorporate your favorite underwater creature into your costume as we celebrate the return of #PSYSEA. This time around we are going until the sun rises!

Your Ticket $ Goes Toward:
– psychedelic decorations
– sea themed decorations including fish, jellyfish & more
– live mermaids
– jellyfish parade
– live flow performances
– venue rental & friendly security
– a myriad of clothing, pin, and glass vendors
– a half dozen live painters
– body painters
– three rooms of sound
– a psychedelic chillout room good for cuddles and convo
– DJ’s playing: live electronic, space bass, global bass, dubstep, trap, house, trance and drum & bass
– an outdoor stage which will be perfect for watching the sunrise during the final, most emotional sets of the night

Things To Know:
– event is strictly 18+ with valid photo ID
– no gum or markers (to protect venue)
– you may not bring beverages of any kind (must be purchased inside venue)
– no large bookbags. anything smaller than 16inches in all directions is acceptable but subject to thorough search
– bring cash for the bar and for vendors
– rest up the night before and strect the day of. plan to make it until sunrise because this is a VER special night
– be ready to say hello to strangers and to give people hugs and tell them you appreciate them. the world is a fucked up place right now and every positive gesture we give each other makes an impact everywhere, including globally

Follow Badvss RAVES for more events! This fall/winter we will be celebrating the return of #BlackMagic, #BlackoutDC, #LaserDisco and much more, including some incredible events at 9:30 Club and U Street Music Hall.

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